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There is no god and what we do to each other matters. Those two concepts are NOT incompatible.

I had a really weird Hugh dream last night. It started out awesome, I was in a movie with him and we had just finished doing a scene and suddenly he seemed really sad for some reason. I go "what's wrong? do you want to talk about it?" and he said, "When she wants to be, she's an ambitious ghoul," and I said "who?" and he whispered something so quietly that I couldn't hear what he said even though I was standing right next to him and I reached over and stroked his cheekbones very gently and said "if you don't feel like talking about it it's okay," and he started eating all this food and I'm all "I envy you being able to eat that much and not gain weight." He seemed to be in that state where part of you really wants very badly to get something off your chest and the other part of you knows there's going to be trouble if you do say whatever it is. I think everybody's been in that situation at one time or another.
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