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I went to St. Stupids yesterday like I do almost every April Fools but it was kind of a drag this time. For those of you who aren't from the SF bay area, it's a bunch of people wearing freaky costumes and pranking people and upsetting yuppie types and it's usually fun. I was one of the few people not wearing a costume and some guy tried to take my picture and I asked him why and he goes "you have an interesting face". Everyone knows that's something you say to ugly people when you don't want to hurt their feelings. This fucking guy apparently thinks he's gonna be the next Diane Arbus. I was pissed. I left earlier than usual, partly because of that, partly because I was really hungry (so I went to a taco truck) and partly because I wanted to go see Monsters vs. Aliens.
I stopped off at a See's to get some candy to eat in the movies. I got a butterscotch sucker because Hugh was in the movie ("Butterscotch" is sort of my affectionate nickname for Hugh.) I have not bought candy in a movie theater literally since the Carter administration, I always buy candy somewhere else and sneak it in in my purse, movie theater candy is a total ripoff.
Monsters Vs. Aliens was awesome, which was good because I needed cheering up after the jerk with the camera. It was funny and cute and clever, with great references to other movies, especially Dr. Strangelove, which I consider the best political movie of all time. Hugh is great in it of course, Stephen Colbert was a fucking riot. The 3D effects were trippy as shit.
I walked by the (closing) virgin megastore on my way back to the Bart station and they were having this going out of business sale and I needed a new purse so I got an excellent deal on a cool leather bag with the Beatles on it. I wonder what they're going to put in the huge space when that store goes. Probably a Starbucks. every business I set foot in that goes under gets replaced by a Starfuckers or a baby store, the two things I have the least use for. If I had had a lot more $$$ I would have gone crazy buying CDs and DVDs and T shirts and shit.

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