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Took a shorter walk out yesterday than I usually would have given the circumstances. Nice day out.
Roomie and I had to kill a mouse we found in the kitchen. The trap had been sprung but it didn't kill the little fucker, it just injured it. It couldn't run away or even walk, what was really weird was it was at the opposite end of the kitchen from where the trap was so how could it get there if it couldn't walk?
I overheard a horrible conversation in a cafe yesterday. This old man was giving a very insincere apology over the phone for pushing a woman down a flight of stairs and breaking her wrist! He wasn't even apologizing to the woman he pushed but to some third party who wasn't even involved. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?
I did at least have a nice time out other than that, especially when two very sweet women bought me drinks at this one bar I love just because I moved down so they could sit together.
Looking forward to going to the movies with some friends tonight.

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