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Yesterday i went to St. Stupids day. If anyone is reading this who is not from the SF bay area they will probably have no idea what that is. Every April Fool's Day a lot of people parade around downtown wearing crazy costumes and pranking and generally being disruptive and freaking out yuppies. It's a lot of fun. I wouldn't miss it. I saw costumes ranging from Mr. Peanut to a Dalek to naked guys. I also started chanting "one of us, one of us, gooble gobble gooble gobble" from "Freaks", one of my favorite movies, and NOBODY GOT IT! I didn't wear a costume but I did wear a button saying "Fuck your fascist beauty standards" on it which got a lot of reactions, all very positive. I only wish my roomie had come with me, he would have really liked it.
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