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My sister called last night. She's getting married! I about shit a brick. I had no idea she was anywhere near that serious about this guy. I'd never met him before last night. I had a really long phone conversation with him. He seems super nice. He lives in Texas (my sister lives in Calif like me) and they haven't really decided which place they're going to live together yet.
I was supposed to get together with a really good friend of mine I haven't seen in ages for lunch today but we just missed eachother. By the time we found eachother he had to go back to work. Ugh. He did have enough time to give me a Hugh poster he got at the Atheist convention in Oklahoma. No, I don't know why they had it in Oklahoma. He said Hugh was "delightful". He wanted to get an autograph for me but Hugh wasn't doing autographs. That's his right.
Looking forward to Beer Not God tonight at any rate.

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