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here is a House fic inspired by the lovely dreamsofspike's dark Wilson writings, especially this one:

in fact my fic will make no sense unless you read dreamsofspike's fic first.
also, I can't get the cut thing to work right so there is some very NC 17 stuff in here, particularly in this first chapter. You Have Been Warned.


1. Lust.
"You know how you're always bugging me about wanting to take videos of us having sex? I changed my mind, I decided to let you do it."
That almost got a spit take out of him. I haven't been able to get him to do a spit take since the first day we met and I told Nurse Wang that I "don't feel like pushing an eight pound wad of screaming parasite out of my twat" when she started giving me a hard time about me having had my tubes tied. In fact, I'm pretty damn sure one reason I'm one of the few people House actually likes is my willingness to say outrageous but honest shit like that.
Of course, being House, he wanted to know why I've changed my mind. I couldn't tell him the real reason, so I said, "I know because this happened to everyone I know who decided to take videos or Polaroids of their sex lives that the wrong person always winds up seeing them. I've thought of several conditions that will eliminate that.
"We're only gonna do this once. We're only gonna make one copy, which I'll hang on to. You can't tell anybody you did this. I know you tell Wilson everything, he didn't handle it all that well when you told him I knew you and him suck eachothers' dicks all the time--"
" 'Didn't handle it all that well' is putting it very mildly, sugar tits, I thought he was going to have a stroke."
"Well, I don't think he's going to be able to handle this. And you can watch it whenever you want but you can't show it to anyone else."
"You don't even like having your picture taken when you've got all your clothes on. I've seen you damn near try to hide behind me when somebody's got a camera." He looked a little sad. "If your looks bothered me I wouldn't even have sex with you."
"I know they don't bother you, but I know what other people say about me. I'm just as self-conscious about my appearance as you are about your leg, anyway I don't want you inviting Foreman and 13 over for movie night and us going at it like bunny rabbits being the movie. Those are my terms, they work for you?"
He grinned lasciviously. "It's showtime!!"
When I got to his place that evening, he had his videocam all set up. His huge china blue eyes were gleaming like he was a kid on Christmas morning as he tugged me down on to the bed eagerly, wrapping his strong arms around me and giving me a deep, wet French kiss. I kissed him back with my mouth open wide, letting our tongues explore eachother.
His feet were already bare and I massaged them as he sighed happily. I happen to know he loves that and Wilson doesn't like doing it.
I stripped down to my bra and panties as he pulled his t shirt over his head, and I rubbed his shoulders and nuzzled into his chest, kissing the sweet spot in the hollow of his throat before bending my head down to lick his nipples. "God, House, you are so sensual. You have such a hot, lean body and an adorable face." I gently rubbed the smooth skin on his belly and his lower back. I felt his feather-light touch sliding my bra straps down over my shoulders as his moist kisses caressed my ears and the back of my neck, his stubble tickling me. His large gentle hands cupped and stroked my breasts and I said, softly but clearly, "Do you like this? Do those tits feel good?"
"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, damn, yeah," he replied, breathing hard, peeling my bra off the rest of the way, and began to lick and suck them enthusiastically while yanking his jeans off with one hand. I scooped one hand under his boxers and thoroughly massaged his ass. He moaned, losing himself in it.
"Swear to god, House, you have the cutest little ass, it's nicer than guys half your age!"
"Oh, thanks..." he removed my panties and I took his hand and placed his fingers on my clit. "Damn, you are so wet."
"You get me that way, House, you are so fucking gorgeous. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world right na-OOWWWW!" I bucked my hips as he made me come so hard I yelled.
After getting my breath back, I took off his boxers, nearly ripping them. "Oooo, that delicious cock." I proceeded to circle my tongue around the head of it, wiggling his foreskin back and forth and tickling his balls with my fingertips. Then I opened my mouth wide and deep throated him. He whimpered, and his hands ran through my hair, and he squirmed a little. I flickered my tongue over his scrotum and he arched his back in pleasure, and I lightly rimmed him before placing my mouth back on the head of his dick and giving him the best blow job I could, swallowing his hot wetness, as he gasped in ecstasy, shooting down my throat.
I sat up and looked at his face. His high angular cheekbones were flushed and he opened his eyes and smiled slowly.
"Awww, that was fantastic."
"This is a show, right? That was just the first act." I winked right at the camera. "I've got a sweet pussy that is just waiting for you to taste it and then slide that big beautiful cock right in there, would you like that?"
"In the words of the philosopher Bowie, you betcha!"
This wound up going on for hours.
The next day, I went over to Wilson's place.
He gave me the fishy eye but invited me in. "Are you mad at me?"
"Oh, yeah."
"Wilson, I don't care if you and House have sex but I know you've been abusing him. That's going to stop. I have a video you need to watch."

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