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Game On!

Part 3

“Oh, you’re Dr. Wilson!” The security guard at the grocery store sounded surprised. “That House guy paid me to make sure no one but you touched that locked box he stuck behind the Cracker Jack boxes.”
Wilson unlocked the metal box and quickly looked through all his grandfather’s baseball cards. They were all there and in perfect shape, from Sandy Koufax to Honus Wagner. Wilson breathed a huge sigh of relief.
While driving back to his office, he went somewhat out of his way so he could drive by House’s place but he decided not to stop off and talk to him until later, he needed to think up another trick. He couldn’t help noticing the window to House’s living room was open and he heard him playing his guitar.
Cameron saw House’s look of concentration and deep affection as he played. It was clear music touched his heart in a way little to nothing else did and she felt oddly privileged to see him with an emotional wall down like this.
After he finished the song, she said softly, “That’s a beautiful song. What is it?”
“You young kids don’t know Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix ?” House shook his head. “I’m just glad we got my albums out from behind the anti-depressants in the hospital pharmacy. My idea of an anti-depressant is a good drink, a rare New York cut steak, chocolate raspberry passionfruit cake and sex.”
Wilson opened the door to his office. “Oh, I don’t believe this!!”
His Vertigo poster had been taken out of the frame and replaced by some unknown person’s My Little Pony porn art.
Written in House’s handwriting directly under some unicorn doing something especially rude with her horn was DO I MAKE YOU HORNY?
The next morning, Wilson went over to House’s office. He found him sitting at his desk with his feet up, twirling his cane around and looking smug as hell.
“Okay, House, where’s my poster?”
“You seem to have forgotten the truth or dare part of this game, “ House smirked. “I’m going to up the ante. If you pick truth, I’ll give you a clue, but it’s going to be a really difficult clue which I don’t think you’re going to figure out, plus the question I’m going to ask you is one I can guarantee you’re not gonna want to give me an honest answer to. However, if you pick dare, I’m going to out and out tell you where your poster for the most overrated movie Hitchcock ever did is, but my dare is you have to kiss somebody with tongue, like you mean it, and it’s not Cameron.”
“Is that why she’s not here?” Wilson asked putting his hands on his hips.
“That, plus she actually had a patient she had to take care of.”
“Who is it? Who are you going to make me kiss?”
“Uh-uh, I’m only going to tell you who it is if you decide to pick dare.”
“That’s not fair! And Vertigo is not overrated!”
“Psycho’s better. Hell, Marnie’s better.”
Wilson sighed and reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose. Then he waved his hand in a gesture of surrender. “Fine, tell me who I have to kiss so I can get my poster back. It’s the one that hung at Grauman's Chinese Theater at the movie’s premiere. It’s valuable so it better be somewhere safe, even if you do think the film is overrated which it isn’t.”
“Say it.”
Wilson rolled his eyes. “Dare.”
Slowly House stood and came to stand in front of Wilson. For a moment House’s presence made Wilson’s heart flutter. When he leaned in, Wilson nearly gasped. House’s gaze locked on Wilson’s parted lips.
“Me,” House breathed. “You have to kiss me. With tongue.”
An intense desire whipped through Wilson like a bolt of lightning.
He took a small step forward, craned his neck slightly and kissed House on the lips, feather light at first, then more firmly, opening his mouth a bit wider and gently slipped his tongue forward.
A low, affectionate sound, halfway between a sigh and a moan came from House’s throat and both their tongues explored each other’s mouths, stroking and caressing. Their arms wrapped around each other. Time seemed to go into slow motion.
Wilson slowly stepped back. House smiled, one of his rare sweet smiles without a trace of sarcasm.
Wilson took a sharp breath. “That…” he paused, “...was nice.” His face felt hot and he wondered if he was blushing.
House’s voice sounded a little huskier than usual. “Yeah, it was.” His blue eyes were dilated.
Wilson slid his hands down House’s arms and grasped his hands. “Now, where is my poster?” he asked softly.
“Tease,” House laughed softly. “It’s under the couch in your office.”
Wilson laughed and pulled House in for another kiss, this one a soft fleeting brush of lips. He released House’s hands and slowly walked out. House touched his mouth.
“You owe me one hundred dollars,” Cameron commented from the doorway to the conference room. “He kissed you twice. He is bi.”
She sauntered in and stood in front of House. He looked down at her and smiled at the mischievous sparkle in her bright eyes. Pulling her against his chest, he lowered his head and kissed her again. He felt her tongue tangle with his and her nails dig into his back. Nipping at his lower lip, she pulled back.
“Money,” she breathed.
“Get it yourself, you little hustler.”
She jerked him flush against her body. He could feel her firm breasts against his chest as she slid her hand in his back pocket. Her other hand cupped and squeezed his ass as she pulled his wallet out. She released him and stepped back. Opening his wallet, she pulled out the money and slipped it into her bra. She walked behind him and slid his wallet back into his pocket.
“Think Wilson will date both of us?” House asked as she circled around and stood in front of him.
“Care to make a little wager on that?” she asked with a grin.
House smiled and felt the weight that drug him down for so long lift. The games worked and now he had something much more interesting to occupy his time, Cameron and Wilson.

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