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I just realized I forgot to post the title of the fic yesterday, I only posted the chapter title, which was "Lust". The fic itself is titled...


2. Gluttony

(a/n What Foreman is talking about is unusual but not unheard of. Nut allergies can be very specific. I have a friend who is only allergic to cashews and another one who can eat peanuts and macadamias but no other kinds of nuts.)

I woke up in House's bed, snuggled up with him. He doesn't do snuggling unless the other person's had sex with him; as far as I'm concerned it's all good. He has one of those coffee makers that has a clock on it so he can time it to make coffee while he's still sleeping, so he has a pot when he wakes up. He was already sitting up in bed with a cup in his hands which was about three quarters of the way full. This is him in "wait till I'm awake enough to say something, but it won't be long now" mode. I smiled at him and snagged my glasses off his bedside table, then climbed out of bed and went to use his bathroom.
When I got back in bed, I saw he'd made more of a dent in the coffee, so to speak. He cleared his throat rather noisily. "Hi."
"Hi." I kissed him gently on the lips. "I've got some leftover lasagna at my place. Would you like me to bring you some lunch at the hospital around noonish?"
Eyeroll. "Oh, let me see, that's an incredibly difficult choice to make, your fantastic lasagna or the slop they serve at the cafeteria, I'm realllllllllly going to be scratching my head over that one!"
I laughed. "OK, lasagna it is." He kissed me again. "I'm going to your kitchen, you just relax and give me a shout when you want a refill and I'll bring you some more coffee. I want to fix us some breakfast. I brought over some things when I came over last night and put them in your fridge, I'm sick of having to run over to that little dinky grocery store down the street from here when I'm hungry and still half asleep."
I came back in a bit later and gave him a tray holding orange juice, eggs, toast with raspberry jam, and very large strawberries. I happen to know these are favorites of his. His smile completely made up for his tendency not to say thank you. I gently took the mug from his hand, poured more coffee into it and handed it back to him.
"I'm really in the mood to make Chinese food tonight, wanna come over after you get off work?"
"I have a weird case, I might have to work late."
"You save people's lives, there is nothing more important than that." I got another kiss out of him just for saying that. "I can keep it warm if I have to, and I know you don't like to cook. Come on over, OK?"
"I think I will. Meet me in the conference room at noon, there's no microwave in my office and anyway, I wanna fuck with Taub's head, his wife makes shitty pasta." I snickered at this.
I was in the conference room at 11:58.
I'm not a doctor, I didn't understand most of what they were talking about, I just quietly put the plastic-wrapped plate of lasagna on the table and stood patiently through an argument about whether it was cancer or not. I eyed Wilson, wondering if I had gotten through to him after "movie night". I kind of doubted it.
At a break of sorts in the argument, everyone except House, Wilson and me left to go run some tests. House eyeballed the lasagna and went to go put it in the microwave, and I noticed a look in Wilson's eyes as if he were considering getting up in my face.
"I was thinking of doing ginger beef and shrimp fried rice tonight, that sound good to you?"
House glanced over his shoulder away from the microwave. "Put good-sized shrimp in there, not those pathetic little sea monkeys Jade Pagoda uses."
"Well, that's a given! Also, I thought I'd make pie for dessert, coconut pecan chocolate all right?"
"Yeah, sure."
"See you tonight." I glanced at Wilson out of the corner of my eye. He was practically drooling.
That night, House showed up at my place right on time and was sort of hovering around the kitchen. "Hey, I thought you were doing shrimp fried rice and ginger beef!"
"I already finished making them before you got here, I just have to stir fry this chicken and these veggies, and I also made hot and sour soup, because you're hot and sour!" I grinned at him. "Now go kick back on the couch and turn the DVD player on, I rented a W.C. Fields movie."
"What is it with you and us cynical substance abusers, you got a fetish or something?" he grumped, but I definitely saw a twinkle. I handed him a bottle of Scrimshaw beer and he went to the couch.
The next day, I walked up to Foreman, Cameron and Chase as they were all sitting together having lunch in the cafeteria. "Hi, I hope none of you has already gotten dessert, because I brought some pie House and I couldn't finish all of. It's coconut pecan chocolate, I don't wanna waste it, I offered some to Cuddy but she doesn't like coconut."
Foreman looked tempted. "I wish you'd made it with some other kind of nuts, I can't have pecans, I'm allergic."
"Sorry about that."
Cameron sighed. "That does look good but I have an allergy too, in my case it's chocolate."
Chase smiled. "Well, I'll eat it if you guys aren't going to."
I walked out right past Wilson. I don't know if anyone saw the smirk I gave him, or the stink eye he gave me.

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