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Just sitting here waiting for my friends to call me, we're all supposed to go to the Alameda art fair today, I'm super looking forward to it! (roomie could have come too but he has a cold)

here's a meme I got from pyewacket to occupy myself till they call:

Do you like shopping alone?
Depends on what I'm shopping for.

Does your best female friend have any talents that you don’t?
my sweetie Hughville's a better fic writer than I am

Have you ever written a song?
yes, it was lame

Does anybody send you money in the mail for your birthday?

Do you own any shirts that have a year on it?
I don't think so

What do you think about mullets?
I don't care about them one way or the other

Would you rather date an actor or an athlete?
depends who he is. If he's Hugh Laurie FUCK YEAH

Who is your shortest friend?

Do you have any scratches on your cell phone?
No, I don't even have a cell phone.

What grade would you never want to repeat?
All of them. They all sucked.

When was the last time you blushed?
no idea

Who is one person you met and automatically didn't like?
this asshole who used to be in one of my atheist groups and thought I should be fucking panhandling because I was on disability and he was a libertarian

Do you know anybody who has a birthday in November?
Yes, my dad, my roomie and some other people

Is there anything you need to buy at the store right now?
milk. I love my roomie but he drinks more milk than a baby calf

Do you have any video game systems in your room? Which one(s)?
my roomie fucks around with video games on his computer all the time. I have no idea what systems he has

Is it true that you hurt the ones you love the most?
hope not. I don't like hurting people, even people I don't fucking like.

What monster would you be most afraid to have in your closet?
that bear thing from Annihilation. that thing was freaky as fuck

Did you do anything productive today?
yes, I washed some dishes by hand because I made eggs for breakfast and wrote out the long distance bill payment

How do you usually wear your hair?
shoulder length parted on the left

What movie coming out do you really want to see?
I haven't heard about anything recently that sounded interesting that I haven't seen already

Is your skin tone lighter or darker than your Mom’s?

What is the best thing about the beach?

Have you ever done another person’s make-up?

Do you get snow days off of school/work?
I sometimes did when I was a kid because I didn't live in California till I was 18

Have you ever spied on your neighbor?
This little kid who used to live next door to me used to sit on his balcony without doing anything all day. It was sort of creepy

Do you think they’ve ever spied on you?
a friend and neighbor of mine died. This awful woman who lived in my bldg at the time knocked on my door asking me about plans for his funeral. I'm not going into what was awful about her. I don't know how she knew which apt I lived in because I certainly never told her (there are 250 apts in my bldg!)

What color eyes does the last person you kissed have?
I don't even remember the last time I kissed anybody.

When was the last time it rained?
months ago

Honestly, do you double dip?
there's more than one meaning for that phrase

What color is your birthstone?

Do you save your old school work?
hell no

What is one thing you don’t like sharing?
smoked salmon

Where on your body would you NEVER get a piercing?

Do you ‘dress to impress’?
I bought my t shirts with blues and jazz artists on them mostly because I like their music but also because I wore them to Hugh Laurie's concerts and when he was in SF filming Chance.

Which Adam Sandler movie do you like the most?
I hate Adam Sandler. he's not funny

Who was one of your first celebrity crushes?
I am not going to answer that. he's very uncool.

Did your parents ever read stories to you before bed?

Would you be considered more of a teacher’s pet or a class clown?
Class clown when I wasn't being bullied

Do you have any family members who are mean to you for no reason?

Have you disappointed anybody recently?
I have no idea. probably my parents

Have you ever been hit on through text message?

What color are your nails painted right now?
gold sparkles

Do you have to do any yard work?
No, thank fuck

What’s worse, ignorance or stupidity?
stupidity. Ignorance can be fixed.

When was the last time you had ice cream? What kind was it?
I've been on this diet for four and a half years and literally can't remember the last time I had ice cream. Is that pathetic or what? I think maybe chocolate because I really like chocolate but I don't know.

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