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There was a lot of fruit (blueberries and peaches) left over from four days ago so since roomie seemed uninterested in eating it by itself I asked him if he'd eat it if I made pies and he said he would. I got frozen pie crust over at Trader Joe's this morning and it doesn't come with pie tins so I had to go to a fuckton of other stores. Some guy at one store said Safeway was "a 10 minute walk away" which is bullshit. I said maybe it was 10 minutes if you were in the damn olympics. Finally got the damn pie tins at Piedmont Grocery. I'll make the pie tomorrow, I couldn't make it today even if there wasn't a problem with tins because apparently the Trader Joe frozen pie crust has to be thawed overnight before you use it.

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    Had some Keemun tea this morning. I have a lot to do today and I would have appreciated if someone who is apparently incapable of telling the…

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    Had a great time with J yesterday. :)

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    Had some ginseng peppermint tea. I'm waiting for J to come over and visit, I'm really looking forward to it. :)

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