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Had to get up early because they are going to be testing the smoke alarms today and I don't want them barging in here while I'm changing clothes or something. I even had a nightmare about it. Had a cup of Three Gardens tea and I'm waiting for it to get hotter so I can go swimming. I'm toying with the idea of spending like seven hours in the pool area just so I don't have to have my ears tortured by the alarms but I'm not supposed to eat or drink anything in the pool and I don't think I can go seven hours without eating or drinking anything.

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    Been watching lots of Father Ted, that show is so funny! FECK!

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    It was locked again and then it was unlocked again. My mail wasn't missing so I think the mail people are just fuckups.

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    I stood right there and told the mail woman the mailboxes had been unlocked and the stupid idiot left them unlocked again. I told the lady at the…

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