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Chapter 4: Sloth

House called in sick today, but I knew he wasn't really sick.
I knew Wilson's been abusing him.
He has suspicious bruises.
He acts like he's scared of Wilson.
All the time.
He doesn't want to tell me for some reason.
He gave me a set of keys to his place recently and practically begged me not to tell Wilson I had them.
When I heard he had called in sick I went over to his place and let myself in. I found him in the bedroom. He didn't want to get out of bed. He told me he didn't feel like doing anything.
I asked him if he'd like me to give him a massage. He looked at me with the biggest, saddest eyes I've ever seen on him and said, "Yes, please."
He normally almost never says, "please".
I gave him my gentlest massage and he drifted off to sleep.
I let myself out.
I parked my car across the street from Wilson's place and waited.

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