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I got a phone call last night I wasn't expecting. Apparently I won a raffle being held by this store, that's the good news, the bad news is I won nothing but moisturizer and I'm a fucking walking oil slick. I'm the only 56 year old I know who still gets zits. They have a lot of scented soaps and granola bars and herb teas and other stuff I love at this store; I was hoping to win some of that. At least I got the end of the month $$ in the mail so I was able to do a lot of grocery shopping and I found out that this one Safeway has a deal with the cool little Indian restaurant across the street, if you show them your receipt from the Safeway you get a discount on food so I had a very nice goat curry for lunch.
I'm now waiting for a friend to come visit roomie and me with cake (I did enough walking around carrying heavy shopping today that it's probably not going to fuck up my diet)!

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