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Had a fantastic time at the street fair, glad I went. I'm so tired from walking around though. I had a really crazy funny weird dream last night. It was a combination of House, CSI: New York, Blair Witch Project and Lovecraft. Flack, Hawkes and Sid were looking for some missing kids in this very decayed-looking woods and they asked me to go get House to help them. I found him in some movie theater and he was all like "This movie is really boring anyway, I might as well go help you," so he and I go join the CSI guys in the woods and Cthulu showed up. Flack is all "oh HELL NO" and Hawkes was scared but trying to hide it, and Sid was just really fascinated. House goes "oh, hi, Cthulu" and Cthulu waved at him and disappeared. Then we all keep walking through the woods and we can't find any clues and we come out the other side of the woods and there's this school but none of the kids in the school looks anything like the missing kids and Sid and I come across this stone bench that's some sort of memorial to some kid that died about 200 years ago and there's weird stuff carved into the bench that you wouldn't expect to be written as a memorial to some dead kid like "SHE DIDN'T ASK ANY QUESTIONS". Weird.

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