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Beer not god was fun last night.
I wish someone found me attractive besides women and this creepy janitor in my apt bldg.
They got rid of some more stuff I wrote in TV tropes so I'm just going to write it again here:
Galaxy Quest--Fake Nationality: I'm convinced Tony Shaloub's character having a Chinese or Korean last name is a nod to the fact that Dr. Soong was played by Brent Spiner, who is definitely not Asian.
Meet the Feebles--Good Is Boring: Many fans of the film find the "nasty" characters more fun to watch than Robert and Lucille.
Celebrity Deathmatch--Negative Continuity: Bruce Willis showed up in one episode after having gotten killed in an earlier one. This is never explained.

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    Got some more Monty Python DVD stuff in the mail from Netflix this morning, I'm really looking forward to watching it later!

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    Getting ready to watch another live Rifftrax in about an hour!

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    Tried a caipirinha for the first time today, it was super yummy!

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