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Had a great evening last night except for this fubar woman who worked at the movie theater who tried to rip me off. Never saw her before, interestingly enough neither did Oliver. Here I am coming up to her being polite wearing my Crow t shirt and my Star Trek and legalize weed jewelry and she takes one look at me and it's ice cube time. She refuses to honor my pass and charges me full price, I say POLITELY I think you made a mistake and she won't cop to it. Then she tires to ring me up for the wrong movie. (This was AFTER I had told her which movie I was seeing.) There was only one piece of pizza left and I ask her what kind it is and not only does she not know but she gets all pissy with me for even asking. She also gave me a smaller glass of beer than what I ordered which I didn't realize till later. I asked her for a receipt and she gives me a fucking attitude there. I ask for it again. Then the manager shows up. I show him the receipt when she finally lets me have it and I'm all like she isn't honoring my pass, etc. He steps up like a good guy and gives me my money back and I thank him. He apologizes. No apology from the bitch though. I will just have to make a note and remember to get waited on by anyone but her next time I come. This is an awesome movie theater and I'm not gonna boycott it just on account of one person with some kind of mental problem. I don't know why they would hire someone like that in the first place. I go to that theater all the time and I have NEVER had any kind of issue with anybody who worked there before. I need to make a written note of what she looks like so I can remember to avoid her. Extremely skinny. One of the palest people I've ever seen in my life, even paler than my roomie who's Scots and doesn't go out much. Big grandma glasses. Really weird looking hair that doesn't look real, it looks like a dark curly cheap doll wig. Other than that I had a great time, the MST was fucking hilarious and Oliver gave me some edibles. :)

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    Spent most of today watching MST3K and CSI New York and listening to music and reading.

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    Just finished watching Mulholland Drive. David Lynch is so weird.

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