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This is a change of pace inspired by the lovely karaokegal's lyric prompt for "Misunderstood Man" by Cliff Richard.
Some people write RPFs about themselves meeting their favorite celebrities so I thought I would try it. here is...

Enter, Backstage

I've found you can get into some pretty interesting places by just acting as if you belonged there, which is how I managed to be wandering around while the set up was going on for a Band From TV concert which was going to be starting later that day. That and not actually getting in the way of the sound or lighting guys and generally being very unobtrusive.
Then, I heard that voice.
"The man inspires a thousand lies
The lover takes his choice
Remaining coldly in control
Aware that sadly on the whole
It is the fool who bares his soul
I'll give the man a voice!"
And I saw those big blue eyes and that sweet, funny smile.
"Oh my god!"
"Well, most people just call me Hugh."
"Are you going to do that song in the show?"
"If they let me choose all the songs I would certainly do that one, but I'm just singing it to warm up my voice. I didn't think most Americans knew who Cliff Richard was."
"I do and I think he's great, but I'm not only a music geek; I'm also a rabid Anglophile, so I know who he is, as well as, say, Roxy Music, and not just British people whom everybody knows like the Beatles and the Monty Python guys and you."
"Oh, good lord, did you just compare me to the Beatles and the Pythons?"
"You're blushing. You know, your modesty only makes you more charming...."
Another voice I recognized right away rang out behind me. "Oh, for god's sake don't give him a compliment that circles back on itself, you'll make his brain explode!!"
I turned around and waved. "Hi, Stephen!!"
"You have to tell us your name now, we can't just have random fans swanning about back here."
"I'm Katie." I shook hands with both of them. "I think you guys are fantastic, I've been a huge admirer of both of you since Blackadder."
Hugh grinned. "Aren't you sweet! I do need to practice, though, why don't you and Stephen go have a talk and a cuppa and get to know one another a bit better, and we can all have a chat after the show."
I looked at Stephen questioningly.
"Splendid," he said.

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