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here's something I got from cuddyclothes, I'm going to write the first line of the last ten fics I wrote although this is is going to have a couple of variations:
first, some of the fics I wrote were not written by me alone so I will post the first line I wrote, not necessarily the first line of the fic.
second, since I have written so few fics recently I will do the first line of each chapter.

Game On! (House fic co-written by me and my sweetie hughville) Chapter One
He went over to where his car (the sporty red one the Arnello brothers gave him) had been parked this morning and pulled up short, his jaw dropped.
Chapter Two
“What struck me as odd is I would think Wilson would take this as an opportunity to dun you for a lot of money but he didn’t,” Cameron said once they were back at House’s place.
Chapter Three
“Oh, you’re Dr. Wilson!” The security guard at the grocery store sounded surprised. “That House guy paid me to make sure no one but you touched that locked box he stuck behind the Cracker Jack boxes.”

I Don't Rick Mondays (House Rick and Morty crossover written for Walks Into A Bar-athon. I had so much fun writing this!!)

"Drink it down, drink it down, drink it down down down down down, drink it down!" The man at the piano sang in a clear, enthusiastic voice, playing an energetic riff and doing his best to try to erase the memory of seeing his friend puking from chemotherapy that morning before going back home and back to bed.

One New Year's Eve (House/Wilson post-finale slash romance round robin fic co-written by me, blackmare, menolly_au and deelaundry. My part in it comes along about halfway through the story.)

They turn and walk back towards the door, and House slips his left arm around Wilson's waist, and a loud bang from one of the fireworks seems to punctuate the moment like an exclamation point as a brilliant red light throws their faces into sharp relief.

Take A Giant Step Outside Your Mind (Monkees fanfic, one reference to weed because it's the Monkees but no swearing or obvious sex scenes)
Chapter One
As the boys finished the last strains of "Auntie Griselda", they looked out at the audience and smiled, taking their bows and loving every second of the applause and cheers.
Chapter Two
Andy was home and he wasn't any friendlier than usual.
Chapter Three
Once the cars had driven away, Davy turned to Andy expectantly.

Ice Cream You Scream. Written to photo prompt of three milkshakes and cross posted to sick!Wilson. Wilson has laryngitis and House does something about it.

Wilson sat up in bed, half opening one eye when he heard the motel room door open.

Identity Crisis. Chapter 1. House/Archer crossover. Somewhat cracky but I don't think you can possibly cross those two over and have it not be cracky.

(The usual overhead shot of PPTH but it looks like a really well drawn cartoon. We see Lana in a hospital bed with both her legs broken. Pam is visiting her and is eating chocolates out of a box.)
Lana: Why the hell should Archer be my bodyguard?! It's his fault my legs were broken in the first place!

and as long as I'm at it here's a link to the first year's worth of my fics:

and here's a link to the second:

and here's a link to the third:

and the fourth:

and the fifth:

and the sixth:

and the seventh:

and the eighth:

UPDATE: and here's a link to "It All Depends On You", the House/Boardwalk Empire crossover I wrote for Walks Into A Barathon:

and links to "Trust Issues", a House fic that deals with a House/Wilson/Cameron relationship which I co-wrote with my sweetie hughville:

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    J cancelled on me.

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    Been watching lots of Father Ted, that show is so funny! FECK!

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    It was locked again and then it was unlocked again. My mail wasn't missing so I think the mail people are just fuckups.

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