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I want to say that one reason I'm happy and proud to live in Oakland is it's one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States. Not just California. (P.S. I'm white.) Part of what makes this a great country (and my neighborhood a great one to live in!) is our diversity.

Here's what women's magazines are like:
page 17--You're beautiful the way you are
pages 18-289--See how perfect these models are. You should be as much like them as possible.
(my roomie's take on this: why spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery when you can just pay some photoshop guy 20 bucks?)

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    Not much going on here, I'd rather not haul around groceries with a bad leg but at least it's getting better, the PT seems to be working.

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    If someone doesn't like my fanfic writing that's their opinion but I think it's incredibly cowardly to trash it anonymously.

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    This sucks. My favorite bar went out of business.

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