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I hope I get the end of the month $$ in the mail without it being ripped off. In addition to the usual putting someone else's mail in my box the stupid idiot mail person left a bunch of the boxes unlocked again. I got invited to a Halloween party but it's all the way over in Sunnyvale and I can't get there without a car. Someone kind of sort of offered me a ride but they might not be able to go themselves which really isn't helpful. I emailed them back saying please let me know as soon as possible. If I can't go to this party I at least want to go to live Rocky Horror like I did last year but I don't have the $$ right now. The second I get that $$ in the mail I'm going over to that theater and get a ticket if they're not sold out. If they are sold out (god I hope not) I'll find something else to do. I refuse to stay home and do nothing on Halloween. I hate that.

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