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Went out and took a long walk to give roomie and his boyfriend some privacy. Ran into an old friend from the 80s who used to hang out with me a lot when I was still with my mean crazy ex. She asked me about him and I told her I didn't have anything to do with him anymore and hadn't seen him in a long time because of some fucked up crap he did including faking having cancer. I came home several hours later and hung out with them for a while. I'll be going to the movies with some other friends later this evening.

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    Had some Keemun tea this morning. I have a lot to do today and I would have appreciated if someone who is apparently incapable of telling the…

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    Had a great time with J yesterday. :)

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    Had some ginseng peppermint tea. I'm waiting for J to come over and visit, I'm really looking forward to it. :)

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