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Damn TV tropes did it again, took out something I put in there with no explanation so I'm going to post it here. Nested Story Reveal: Film. The ending of The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus could be interpreted to mean that most of the movie was the dream or fantasy of a homeless man.

here's a meme:

No, I'm less likely to get married than a dead pope.

💔 Divorces:

🍼 Children:
No, I'd rather walk on hot coals and broken glass. I'm happy to see other people enjoying their kids though.

🐦 Pets right now:
None :'( I have had lots in my past but I'm too broke right now and my apartment is too shrimpy and won't allow many pets anyway other than cats and I love cats but I'm very allergic.

👩🏼⚕️ Surgeries:
A few. Tubal ligation, removal of a non cancerous (thank fuck) tumor, ruptured appendix and a hysterectomy/

✒ Tattoos:
Nope, tattoos are like kids to me, I like to look at other peoples' but don't want any myself.

👂🏼 Piercings:
None, not even my ears.

✋🏼 Quit a job:
Once in 1985 because I had to move.

🌴 Been to an Island:
Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Grand Cayman.

🚘 What do you drive:
I don't have a car. I wish I did. Buses suck.

✈️ Flown on a plane:
Yes. Lots of times.

🍹 Favorite Drink:
Tea, Coke Zero, good beer.

❤ Fallen in love:

💔 Been cheated on:
Yeah, my mean crazy ex cheated on me.

🚑 Rode in ambulance:
Yes, in 1992.

🎤 Sang karaoke:
Sure, I love it!

❄ Ice skating:
Not since I was a kid. I suck at it.

🏄 Been surfing:

🚢 Been on a Cruise:
Never. I've heard it's fun.

🏍 Rode on a motorcycle:

🏍 Own a motorcycle:

🐴 Rode on a horse:
Yeah, but not since I was in high school.

😲 Almost died:
Ruptured appendix, see above.

🏥 Stayed in a hospital:
All surgeries listed above except the tubal ligation, I was an outpatient for that.

🍑 Favorite fruit:
Dates and coconut

🌓 Favorite Day:
Don't really have one

🌈 Favorite color:

📲 Last phone call:
I had to call netflix the other day because I was supposed to get some DVDs from them last week that never showed up. This is the third time in the past few weeks that's happened and it's starting to piss me off.

📱 Last text:
I'm one of those weirdos who doesn't have a cell phone and I don't usually text w/ my computer.

💀 Watch someone pass:
No, never

🍵️ Coffee or Tea:
Tea. I loooooooove tea. If I believed in reincarnation I'd swear I was Asian or British in a past life.

🍽🍰 Favorite pie:
Apple, coconut, butterscotch, banana, chocolate, lemon, pecan, pumpkin.

🍕 Favorite pizza:
Most combinations as long as it has sausage and NO pineapple, olives or ham.

🐶 Cats or dogs:
I love both.

🌞 Favorite Season:

🎃 Favorite holiday:
Probably Halloween or Thanksgiving.

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    Got some more Monty Python DVD stuff in the mail from Netflix this morning, I'm really looking forward to watching it later!

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    Getting ready to watch another live Rifftrax in about an hour!

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    Tried a caipirinha for the first time today, it was super yummy!

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