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here's an end of the year meme. I posted the first sentence of my entry for the first and last day of each month.

Jan. 1st: That went better than I thought.
Jan. 31st: Not much going on here, just waiting for my birthday tomorrow.
Feb. 1st: Did some shopping for my birthday but not as much as I wanted to because I haven't got my birthday $$$ from my parents yet.
Feb. 28th: Had a very irritating phone conversation with some scammer who spoke very bad English but actually liked the orange fucky fuck (and was apparently unaware of the irony of any immigrant liking that asshole) who refused to tell me how he got ahold of my name and UNLISTED phone number.
Mar. 1st: I've been spending pretty much all day so far today running around all over Oakland in the rain fucking around with a lot of buses doing shopping.
Mar. 31: Went over to a friend's house yesterday and had a nice time but I haven't quite shaken off this damn cold or flu or whatever it is yet.
Apr. 1st: Feeling a lot more relaxed than I was earlier, my cold seems to have gotten a lot better, I mailed out some utility payments and got some groceries.
Apr. 30th: Well, that's kind of annoying.
May 1st: Had a couple of cups of Earl Grey this morning, then ran errands all day today and had to deal with an unusually large number of idiots and rude people.
May 31st: Did a lot of walking and carrying heavy crap and went on the exercise bike for 40 min so I'm worn out.
Jun. 1st: I'm so tired because I had a million things to do today and I hurt the shit out of my knees and back this morning but Isle of Dogs was awesome!
Jun. 30th: The Fillmore Jazz festival was just great.
Jul. 1st: Just sitting here waiting for my friends to call me, we're all supposed to go to the Alameda art fair today, I'm super looking forward to it!
Jul. 31st: Had some really bad nightmares and there was a terrible racket which woke me up at about 5 in the damn morning so I didn't get much sleep last night, plus I had to get up early because they are doing more alarm testing and I did not want them barging in here while I was still in bed.
Aug. 1st: Today was payday so I had to do a ton of shopping which is a pain in the butt with no car so I'm really tired and a bit testy now.
Aug. 31st: Roomie isn't feeling well enough to do much today so we're going to go to the grocery outlet another day.
Sep. 1st: I'm really tired, had a couple of cups of Cardamom Cinnamon tea.
Sep. 30th: Had a nice time yesterday, went for a very long walk and had a good glass of whiskey and a snack at that cool Irish pub I was talking about, heard some awesome music.
Oct. 1st: Just got a whole bunch of groceries because it's payday.
Oct. 31st: Happy Halloween everybody!
Nov. 1st: Had a lot of fun ant my friends' house last night, we watched some spooky stuff (including the first eppie of the new Sabrina show, which I was NOT impressed with) and some Monty Python.
Nov. 30th: No entry.
Dec. 1st: No entry.

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