chocolate_frapp (chocolate_frapp) wrote,

and here it is.

Dude Looks Like a Lady (Aerosmith)
Imaginary Lover (Atlanta Rhythm Section)
I'm Too Sexy (Right Said Fred)
Let's Misbehave (by Cole Porter; many versions of this but try to get one with the "you could have a great career" intro)
TV Eye (Iggy Pop)
Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
Suffragette City (David Bowie)
Strangers in the Night (I forget who wrote this, there are a lot of versions of it)
Vince Guaraldi music used for the Charlie Brown shows
Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)
Industrial Disease (Dire Straits)
You Don't Know How It Feels (Tom Petty)
Dream (Forest For the Trees; one of the more obscure things on this list)
We Will Rock You (Queen)
Search and Destroy (Iggy Pop, although the Red Hot Chili Peppers' version is not without its charms)
Blue Eyes (Elton John)
These Boots Were Made For Walking (Nancy Sinatra)
Mambo #5 (Lou Bega)
I Touch Myself (the DiVinyls)
Think For Yourself (the Beatles)
Hey Bulldog (the Beatles)
Get Off (the Dandy Warhols)
Mr. Blue Sky (ELO)
White Christmas (many many versions of this)
True (Spandau Ballet)
Lust For Life (Iggy Pop)
Science Fiction Double Feature (Rocky Horror soundtrack)
Peter Cushing Lives in Whitstable (most obscure thing on this list, I heard it in a Youtube clip on QI)
Barnacle Bill the Sailor (sea chanty, try to find a version with the dirty lyrics)
the Paris Match (Tracey Thorne)
You Spin me Round (Dead or Alive)
I Am The Walrus (the Beatles)
You'll Never Walk Alone (many versions of this)
Happy Birthday (standard)
Queen Bitch (David Bowie)
Misunderstood Man (Cliff Richard)

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