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A couple of observations about going grocery shopping and to the dentist yesterday that I was too tired to talk about here then:
I was reading some magazine in the dentist's office and was absolutely so bored that I actually read an article about Gwyneth Paltrow. She ended the interview by giving advice to the readers, including "have sex". You willing to take some of your excess money and buy me a man, Gwynnie? Or is that why you stick rocks up your vag? Maybe it gets you off but I don't think that'd work for me.
I was buying cereal for roomie who likes really sweet stuff. I got him the bagged generic version of Fruity Pebbles which is better because it's way cheaper and I don't have to look at Fred's stupid fucking face.
here's a meme:

How old are you:
In 10 days I will be 57.
No, tattoos are like kids to me, I like to look at other people's but I don't want any myself.
Ever hit a deer:
Ridden in an ambulance:
yes, once
Sang karaoke:
Lots of times. My favorite song to sing right now is Strawberry Fields
Ice skated:
Many times when I was a kid. I sucked at it.
Ridden a motorcycle:
yes, as a passenger
Stayed in hospital:
a few times. Once with appendicitis, once to have a tumor the size of a melon on my ovary out, and once to have a hysterectomy because I had evil C'thulu periods.
Skipped school:
Occasionally in high school
Last phone call:
my dad
Last text from:
I'm one of those fucking weirdos with no cell phone and I don't get them on my computer very often.
Watched someone die:
not as far as I know. I saw somebody I didn't know conk out through an ambulance window once but I don't know if they actually died
Pepsi or coke:
Coke Zero
Favourite Pie:
Chocolate, pecan, butterscotch, lots of others, really
Favourite pizza:
Combination with sausage and NO pineapple, olives or ham!
Favourite season:
Don't really have a favorite, they all have their good points
Broken bones:
I have a slightly crooked finger because it got broken when I was 12 and got in a fight with another kid and it knit wrong because I didn't realize it was broken and thought it was just a bad sprain
Received a ticket:
Favourite color:
Sunset or sunrise:
sunset. I'm not a morning person.
Favourite animal
hard to choose. I love almost all of them.
Had a tooth out
three screwed up wisdom teeth back in the 80s
Who will play along:
We shall see!
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