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Looking forward to going to the movies with a friend tonight.
there's an interesting meme making the rounds: name five things that would be in your dream house. here's mine.

1. a pool with a retractable roof over it so I could swim inside when the weather wasn't good but outdoors when it was
2. a top of the line barbecue on a patio
3. a soda fountain
4. a big library with every book, DVD and CD I'd want
5. a pool table

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    My parents were talking yesterday about having me come visit them next month which I would love to do as long as they don't give me a hard time about…

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    I have to go get more groceries today including tp. I hope the hoarders haven't started up again.

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    Not much going on here, I'd rather not haul around groceries with a bad leg but at least it's getting better, the PT seems to be working.

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