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Had a fantastic day yesterday! It was Independent Bookstore Day here in the beautiful bay area so I decided to go to a bunch of my favorite local bookstores. I was lucky enough to get my end of the month money in the mail that day so I put on my Miles Davis t shirt and my Pinkie Pie necklace and loaded up my iPod with the Beatles, the Who and ACDC, filled up my big travel mug with rose tea and spent all day bookstore hopping and having a terrific time! I entered a few raffles, found some books I want to buy as soon as I have more money (a Beatle book and Make Blackout Poetry). I got roomie some presents (a Star Trek appointment calendar, some trail mix, some orange juice and a weird cat keychain that makes a strange noise). I had lemonade and tequila and a few cookies, one sugar, one chocolate chip, one gingersnap and one chocolate cookie from Arizmendi. This very cute kid waved at me from the bus and I waved back, in fact everybody I ran across that day was super friendly for reasons i can't even guess at. I got a few freebies, a fridge magnet with a Fool tarot card on it (I totally do not believe in Tarot but I find the images kind of fascinating. Yeah, I know, that doesn't make a lot of sense). a button with a picture of John Lennon on it and a very compelling spooky mystery novel about a serial killer. I'm already nine chapters into it and it's intense.  I got Chinese food for lunch, garlic chicken and veggies and rice and hot and sour soup. Then I spent the evening getting groceries and got such good deals I decided to make me and roomie some steaks and garlic basil mashed potatoes.
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