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the lovely topaz eyes tagged me to do the fandom meme, House and any two British comedies, so here goes:


1. What got you into the fandom in the first place?
A few years ago, I used to buy TV Guide back when they had listings and not just ads for TV shows, and sometimes they would throw in a freebie like a DVD. They had one for House. I watched it. I was hooked.

2. Do you think you'll stay in this fandom or eventually move on?
I've always liked Hugh, he is consistently good, but I do think the writing for the show has gone downhill, I LOATHE 13. Cameron and Chase got more likeable but are in the show less and what the hell happened to Cuddy? I liked her in the first 3 seasons but now she's either too bitchy or too willing to kiss House's ass, and she also seems to have lost her sense of humor. I won't stop watching the show though, but I would like to see someone be happy once in a while. I like most of these characters, I'm tired of watching them get tortured. You can torture 13, though.

3. favorite eps. Three Stories, I know, everybody picks that. Also Merry Little Christmas just for House/Dwarf Mom. I actually wrote a fic pairing them up.

4. Do you participate?
hells yeah. I wrote fics, I would do fan art except Hugh is really really hard to draw. I have an unbelievably difficult time with high cheekbones and long angular jawlines and if I try to draw anyone with stubble it just looks like the guy has a dirty face. feh.

5. do you think more people should get into this fandom?
Us House fans are crazier than Trekkers, IMHO, so there probably will be. I think more people should get into it who are smart and have good senses of humor.

Monty Python
1. What got you into this fandom in the first place?
back in the 70s when I was a kid, this friend of mine was really into it and she got me to watch it and I loved it! I still remember what the first Python sketch I saw was, it was the "Typical Day in the Life Of a Stockbroker" with good old Michael Palin being oblivious to naked people, Frankenstein monsters, soldiers in the middle of a battle, etc.

2. do you think you'll stay in the fandom?
the Pythons are the Beatles of comedy, their stuff is classic and they split up before they could get stale, so definitely, yes.

3. favorite eps?
the one with the Spanish Inquisition is a big fave of mine, but I love them all, even really atypical stuff like the bike trip ep.

4. do you participate?
is there such a thing as Python fanfic?? I've met John Cleese, Michael Palin and Eric Idle, though. they were really cool guys. Michael Palin was especially nice.

5. do you think more people should get into this fandom?
sure. NI!

1. How did you ger into this fandom?
Amazingly, it had fuck all to do with Hugh. I was signed up for this dating service and one guy and I seemed to be hitting it off until I told him I didn't know who Rowan Atkinson was (it was 1992) and he dumped me. That made me check out who the hell he was, I watched his shows and I've been hooked ever since, and if I ever meet him I'm going to tell him that story "you blew a date for me..."

2. do you think you'll stay in this fandom?
sure, I've watched the show for ages and it never gets tired.

3. favorite eps?
I like the Renaissance ones, the Regency ones and the World War 1 ones, but the middle ages ones aren't as funny to me (and no, not just because Hugh's not in them!) largely because the characters aren't as developed and they sometimes had him being the dumb one and Baldrick being the smart one, which doesn't really work.

4. do you participate?
no, but I've seen Blackadder fanfic, some of which is really very funny.

5. should more people get into this fandom?
why not, we can always use more cunning plans.

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