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Favorite Food & Drinks
Favorite fast food restaurant?
Kentucky Fried Chicken

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk

Favorite chocolate candy?
a good bland of a mixed box of chocolates with more dark than milk

Favorite fruity candy?
not a big fan of fruity candy unless it's coconut

Favorite flavor Starburst?
I don't like Starbursts

Favorite dish at Olive Garden?
I don't go to Olive Garden

Favorite kind of sushi?

Favorite Asian dish?
most dim sum

Favorite Italian dish?
lasagna or pasta w/mixed seafood

Favorite food of all time?
Chinese or chocolate

Favorite way to cook a steak?

Favorite pasta dish?
see Italian

Favorite cookie?
I have too many to pick just one

Favorite fast food French fries?
I don't really care, all fast food place fries kind of taste the same to me

Favorite cereal?
two that aren't made anymore, Almond Delight and Team flakes

Favorite breakfast food?
a bacon and goat cheese omelet and a mixed basket of different breads and rolls

Favorite pizza toppings?

Favorite fruit?

Favorite vegetable?
tomatoes and mushrooms

Favorite dessert?
chocolate mousse, chocolate cake or cheesecake

Favorite comfort food?
I change my mind about that a lot

Favorite way to eat bacon?
fried crisp

Favorite thing at a buffet?

Favorite pumpkin-flavored treat?

Favorite dish at Thanksgiving?
turducken but I only had it once and it was Xmas

Favorite cake?
devil's food

Favorite ice cream sundae toppings?
either hot fudge or butterscotch

Favorite thing to cook?
I don't have one favorite

Favorite soda?
Coke zero

Favorite alcoholic drink?
depends on my mood

Favorite drink at Starbucks?
I don't like Starbucks

Favorite flavor coffee?
I don't drink coffee
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