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Mini review for House ep "Que Sera Sera". Where'd Chase go? We know he has big issues w/ fat people but the fact that he just sort of disappears in the middle of this ep is very weird. House even comments on it. BTW, fat people are not the only group it's still considered OK to treat like crap. I'm an atheist, I want nothing to do with having kids and I have a face that could crack glass, which is considered really fucking unforgiveable, particularly in a woman. If I were a smoker or a Muslim I would probably get lynched.
I met Dan Savage last night. he fucking rocks. One of my favorite writers, and a great guy on top of it.
Mini restaurant review. Shen Hua 2914 College Ave. Berkeley This place has gotten considerably better since they hired new chefs. Very good Chinese food if you like it spicy, which I do.

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