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here's part 5 of Trust Issues

Wilson found it hard to concentrate on the movie. He sat mindlessly eating his Raisinettes and thinking about a threesome with House and Cameron. He always thought of Cameron as conservative, even shy. Yet, she agreed to a threesome. Maybe there was more to her than meets the eye. He glanced over at her. She was eating popcorn and smiling. House sat on the other side of her laughing. They were both so relaxed. How could they be so relaxed? How did House know Cameron wouldn’t tell everyone if the three of them had sex? As if she could hear his thoughts, she turned to him and put her hand on his thigh.
“We don’t have to do this,” she whispered. “Just seeing the movie is fine with me.”
“Shh!” House hissed. “I’ve heard this naked fight scene coming up is a riot.”
Cameron turned back to watch the movie but left her hand on Wilson’s thigh. He swallowed as he felt heat travel from his thigh upward. Her touch was light but his balls tightened and he could feel his dick begin to harden. Cameron glanced at him out of the corner of her eye and smiled before removing her hand. Wilson shifted in his seat and willed his erection to soften. Damn! The thought of her naked in bed with him and House was all he could think of now. Before he agreed to anything, he had to know that he could trust Cameron.
When the movie ended, they left the theater and dumped their trash before heading out to House’s car. House tossed the keys to Wilson.
“I’m going to get in the back seat,” he said. “Leg’s cramping.”
Wilson unlocked the doors and they all got in. House curled up on the backseat and began to rub his thigh. He took a last swallow of the large cup of Dr. Pepper he’d been nursing all through the movie. Wilson looked at the sensual movement of House’s mouth and throat as he gulped and Cameron kept glancing back at him as Wilson drove back to the apartment.
When they arrived, Cameron and Wilson had to help House inside.
“Bedroom,” House grunted.
They helped him get undressed and into bed. Wilson looked at Cameron.
“Massaging his leg helps,” he told her.
“Do you want to do it?” she asked.
“Just give her the damn cream and go sleep on the couch,” House said harshly. “She won’t kick me during the night.”
Suddenly Wilson understood why House asked Cameron for a threesome. He already slept with her. For some reason, this made Wilson very jealous. Shaking his head, he got the cream and left them alone.


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