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here's part 7 of Trust Issues

Wilson awoke the next morning to the smell of bacon. House lay curled on his side, sound asleep. Cameron was not in bed so Wilson got up and went to the bathroom. Once he finished, he put on shorts and a t-shirt before making his way to the kitchen. Cameron stood in front of the stove cooking breakfast. Her hair hung like brown satin down her back and she wore one of House’s t-shirts, the one with the Velvet Underground banana logo on it. It hung nearly to her knees and she had the sleeves rolled up. Turning, she looked over her shoulder at him.
“Morning,” she said with a smile. “I’m making eggs. How do you want yours?”
“Over easy,” he responded as he leaned against the door frame and folded his arms. “You’re sleeping with House.”
She nodded and turned back to the stove. “Are you jealous?”
Wilson sighed. “I don’t have any right to be.”
“Yet you are.”
Cameron cracked some eggs into a pan. “It’s okay. I know House doesn’t love me. We just like having sex.”
“You have a crush on him.”
She laughed and flipped the eggs. “I did. You want toast?”
“Yeah, fine. You don’t have a crush on him any more?”
“Nope.” She moved to put bread in the toaster. “We started sleeping together after we went to the monster truck rally. Then Stacy came back and I realized he loves her. And he loves you.”
“He doesn’t love me,” Wilson scoffed. “I’m useful to him.”
“You’re the only person he’s stuck with. He hasn’t had a relationship with anyone else as long as he’s had one with you. Will you grab some plates?”
Wilson moved into the kitchen and got two plates out of the cupboard.
“Get one for House,” she told him. “We’ll eat in bed.”
He pulled another plate out. “You’ve done this before.”
She nodded and began to put bacon, eggs and toast on the plates. “House likes to sleep in and then have breakfast in bed. Then I usually give him a massage and that usually leads to sex.”
“You can’t tell anyone about...well…” he stuttered.
“Before last night, did you know that House and I are having sex?” she asked as she poured juice into three glasses. “Make some coffee, please. He doesn’t like mine.”
She put the plates and glasses on a large tray and picked it up. “Your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell even if we end up having a threesome.”
Wilson slowly poured water into the coffee maker and turned it on. “I can’t have a threesome with you and House,” he replied softly. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”
He looked at her. She smiled.
“You have trust issues, don’t you?” she asked.
“Yeah, I guess I do.”
“Bring the coffee when it’s done. I like mine black,” she said and then disappeared around the corner.
Wilson leaned back against the counter as the coffee dripped into the glass pot. He did have trust issues. Maybe that was why he chose the women he did. He knew they would eventually leave him and he did make it very easy for them to do it. Would a threesome with Cameron and House really change things between them? For better or for worse? Or was he afraid he’d enjoy it so much he’d want to enter into a relationship with both of them? Could something like that even work? Neither House nor Cameron seemed all that worried about any emotional fall-out. Both saw sex as a release and nothing more so why couldn’t he? Why did he so doggedly cling to his idea of what sex should be? He and House had sex often enough but Wilson never allowed himself to think about why he did it. It was a release and he always came back to House. Could he allow himself to be vulnerable to House and Cameron? Grabbing the coffee pot and three mugs, plus milk and sugar for himself, he put them on another tray and went back to the bedroom. There was only one way to find out.


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