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here's the last part of Trust Issues

(rated NC-17)

Wilson sort of expected House to rush through his breakfast in order to get to the sex faster but he took his time eating, clearly enjoying it. Wilson had to admit Cameron was a good cook, too. Not many people would have bothered to make eggs two different ways at one time, (House preferred scrambled to over easy) but if someone was willing to take the time to do something like that, wasn’t that likely to mean they were considerate in the bedroom as well as the kitchen?
House sighed, looking relaxed and finishing up the last of his cup of coffee. Wilson volunteered to take the dishes back out to the kitchen.
When he came back into the bedroom the T shirts had been tossed to the floor and House and Cameron were both naked and kissing. They looked up at Wilson and smiled warmly. House beckoned.
Wilson shivered with passion. They both looked so beautiful. He climbed into bed and House gave him a long, lingering kiss while Cameron massaged his shoulders and back. House’s long, strong fingers trailed down Wilson’s chest and stomach and then wrapped around his erection while his other hand tugged Wilson’s left hand forward till it caressed House’s own cock. Wilson’s right hand reached back and played with Cameron’s left breast while House began using his tongue on the right one, in between nuzzling her with his stubble, which felt like velvet.
House started going back and forth between licking and sucking Wilson’s body and Cameron’s all over, eventually zeroing in on going down on Cameron while Wilson took the opportunity to take House into his mouth. Cameron gasped and moaned, climaxing, then Wilson pulled back slightly.
“Hey, did I tell you to stop?” muttered House.
“Mmmmm, I want you to fuck me hard, House,” Wilson moaned. House grinned devilishly and proceeded to do just that. Cameron pleasured herself as she watched them. She and Wilson both moaned as House groaned with each thrust. Wilson felt Cameron’s hand on his shoulder as House continued to pound into him. She kissed his cheek and rubbed her hand down his arm. Between her soft kisses and caresses and his own cock rubbing against his stomach, Wilson found he couldn’t stop the orgasm that thundered through him. It was the most intense one he’d ever had and left him gasping for air. Cameron helped House roll onto his back where he lay gasping for air while the sweat dripped off him. Turning his head slightly, Wilson watched as Cameron and House began to kiss again. The late morning light suffused the room and made everything hazy and dream like. Wilson was amazed to see House being so gentle with Cameron. He kissed, nipped and licked her pale skin while she did the same to him. Wilson rolled onto his side and watched them intently. House whispered in her ear and ran his hands over her body reverently. She seemed to know exactly where to place a kiss, a gentle nip or a caress to elicit low growls of pleasure from House. Then she pushed him onto his back, grabbed a condom, tore it open and rolled it on him. Wilson watched in fascination as she gracefully slid her left leg over House’s hips and slid down on him. Slowly House’s stiff cock slid inside her and then she began to move. Wilson was amazed by the things she did with her hips, first rotating them and then undulating on House. He looked at House and was again amazed at the look of pure bliss on his best friend’s face. He’d seen it each time he had sex with House. This time he felt no jealousy. Slowly, he reached out and ran his hand up Cameron’s right leg. She took his hand and pulled it until it rested on her clit. Slowly he began to rub it. Cameron arched her back and cried out. She twisted and moaned as sweat rolled off her. Wilson knew she was having an intense orgasm and felt thrilled to be part of her pleasure. Suddenly, House grabbed the sheets and bucked up against Cameron. Wilson removed his hand as Cameron grabbed House and rode him hard. When House shouted her name, Cameron leaned down and kissed him. Slowly, they both relaxed and Cameron rolled off him. Wilson was hard so she took him in her mouth until he bucked against her as he came again. As the last waves of pleasure washed over him, Cameron got out of bed and disappeared into the bathroom. House threw the used condom toward the trash can and closed his eyes. Cameron returned and crawled into bed between them. She pulled the sheet up over them and curled up against Wilson.
“Told you a threesome would be good,” House said quietly.
When Wilson looked over at him, House rolled onto his side and pressed his back against Cameron’s. Wilson made a mental note to ask them to do this again. With Cameron’s soft breath against his neck, he drifted off to sleep feeling more relaxed and happier than he had in a very long time.

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