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I just found out that after roomie moves out I'm going to have to pay for my own internet service, I hope I can afford it.
Also some creep tried to get into my apt yesterday, his excuse was that he apparently thought it was his because he's so ignorant he can't tell a 2 from a 3. this is a fucking grown man and he can't read numbers.
My landlady, whom I normally get along fine with (unlike the previous one who treated me like shit) saw me at a bus stop yesterday with my headphones on like I usually have and snuck up behind me and put her hand on my shoulder so I jumped about five feet in the air. Then she tells me I shouldn't be using my headphones. I told her I need my music in order to not go insane on the bus. I think she thought she was being cute but she should mind her own business.

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    I have to go get more groceries today including tp. I hope the hoarders haven't started up again.

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    Not much going on here, I'd rather not haul around groceries with a bad leg but at least it's getting better, the PT seems to be working.

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