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Had a horrific nightmare last night, real end of the world shit. Eurgh. The concert was just great, I'm making a chocolate raspberry truffle cake for the wrap party tomorrow and I'm looking forward to meeting a friend tonight for dinner. I tried calling Jeremiah last night to invite him to go see the Thompson St. Xmas lights with me and TA on Friday but he hasn't picked up his phone so I don't even know if he got my message.

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    I slept late this morning which I was happy about because for the past few days I have been waking up at about 4 am and then not being able to go…

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    I do not feel one bit like making dinner tonight so I'm going to go get takeout at Monkey King. I think I'll get the garlic noodles again and try a…

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    They're apparently not allowed to say who it is but one of my neighbors has covid.

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