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the lovely deelaundry asked me to do the 5 words that remind me of you meme:

I have been going through a fic dry spell lately because I was so depressed by the House in the mental hospital plot, but under normal (normal for me, anyway) circumstances I love to write. Most of the other people in this group write really well and I find it inspiring. I hadn't written any fiction for about ten years before I joined this group and I hadn't realized how much I missed it until I started doing it again (and I will get through this dark patch, it will just take time).

2. House
As I said, it has been ages since I was this fascinated by a fictional character. I love him for his mind, his wit, his no-bullshit attitude. I relate to his music geek-ness, his curiosity, his general snarkiness and low tolerance for stupidity. When I was a little girl, I read all the Winnie the Pooh books and I wanted to hug Eeyore, there may not be much difference between that and my finding House attractive. (It doesn't exactly hurt that Hugh Laurie is both an excellent actor and cute as hell, shit, am I ever glad they did not go with Denis Leary. Ugh.)

3. Roommate
My roomie is also the best friend I've ever had. He is akumatatsu61 on LJ and he is a large, charming, smart gay man who reminds me a little of Stephen Fry. He and I have been friends for 13 years. He is one of the nicest people to walk the face of the earth. I'm the only woman whom he was ever in a relationship with and some people might think this is weird but I consider it sort of an honor. He is terrific, he puts up with my moodiness in a way no one else does and I never get tired of talking to him. he is also super helpful and an excellent roommate (good friends aren't always necessarily good roomies, trust me on this.)

4. Asperger's
Not happy about this. I don't like being defined by my disability (another possible way I identify with House?) but I accept it. It's part of me, what bothers me is the amount of absolute nonsense that gets passed around about it. there are a lot of symptoms for it, for starters, a lot of which I have but some of which I definitely do NOT have, e.g. the inability to read facial expressions. I seriously doubt I would like Hugh as much as I do if I had a hard time with facial expressions. Also, there is still a very negative stigma attached to any sort of mental illness, even a relatively mild one. Anybody who says otherwise is either very naive or just plain dumb. Also , my chronic broke-ness is due to my being on disability, which pays less than minimum wage. I know because I did the math. My Asperger's is medium level but it's bad enough to seriously interfere with my holding down any sort of a job, due to my inability to self-censor.

5. Music
I love music. my taste in music goes all over the damn map, as you can see if you just take a look at enough of the music references on my LJ (and especially in my fics). I can completely lose myself in a piece of music. i love to listen and I love to sing. When I did karaoke in Vegas some guy tried to talk me into being on American Idol but I wasn't interested. I don't own a car and I feel almost naked if I'm on a bus without my discman (I can't afford an iPod).
I jokingly said in anther forum, "David Bowie keeps me from killing people on the bus," and someone wanted to put that on a t shirt. :)

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