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They say it's OK to go out for walks if you stay 6 feet away from everyone but there are a lot more people outside than I thought there were gonna be so it's hard to maintain the right distance plus the weather is shit. I'm wearing a heavy sweater and I was still cold, so I decided to stay inside and do calisthenics. I don't know the moves so I looked it up and had to sit through a lot of bad music and yelling by roided out looking idiots before they demoed each move. Even the so called beginner moves were not easy to do, and some of them I couldn't do at all but I'm going to keep trying.

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    Everybody has been super empathetic about my lack of sleep and leg pain, thank you. TV Tropes edited out something I wrote again and it wasn't just a…

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    I got hardly any sleep last night or the night before between leg pain and weird noises. Having some ginger tea.

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