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Very mixed day yesterday. The damn dishwasher broke AGAIN, apparently idiot didn't do a very good job fixing it. It took him almost 2 weeks to bother to get around to doing it and it busts again in about four days.
Last night I went to an absolutely fantastic concert w/ a Stones-alike band and a Beatles-alike band. It was so damn fun! I had a great time, between the music and lots of cool, friendly people (this one guy, Gavin, bought me enough beers to float a canoe) the only thing was the concert ran so late the Bart train was shut down (you can't cross the bay after midnight w/o a car which I think is retarded) so I had to take a bus downtown and then sit around a hotel lobby for a few hours, then go home and get some sleep. Worth it, though. I haven't had that much fun in ages. I hadn't heard that particular Beatle-alike band before and they were fucking great. They didn't look like the Beatles but they sounded a lot like them which is the important thing. I wore a button with a pic of Hugh on it because I figured it was Talented Sexy British Guy Night and a bunch of people were all like, "oo, what a cool button, I love Hugh Laurie!" except for one guy who was all "who the hell is that guy" but he was kind of a jerk anyway.
The Stones band I had heard before so I knew they would be awesome but they were even better than usual. Another interesting thing is the Beatle sound alike guys did a bunch of songs the real Beatles weren't really known for performing live, like I Am the Walrus. I actually danced to I am the Walrus, if you can believe that one. if there are any Bat geeks reading this you might be amused to know that after the John Lennon alike sang the part about "don't you think the joker laughs at you" I yelled "why so serious". I never danced so much in my life! I actually had to go sit down or I would have keeled over, and not from drinking but from sheer expenditure of energy.

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