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Day Q: A fandom you’ve abandoned and why

I used to love Penn and Teller and I still think they're very funny and talented and all that but I'm put off by their politics because they're libertarians and I'm on disability, which libertarians want to cut off. (I don't have the slightest idea what libertarians think is to be done with all the disabled people who don't happen to able to hold jobs, and I don't think they know either) I consider that something of a conflict of interest. Also, I used to love the Bullshit show until it stopped being about debunking fraud and started being about their opinions, some of which I really strongly disagree with. I would have loved to see them go after the scientologists but they never bothered. Also, they got rid of all the naked men on the Bullshit show but kept the naked women and I don't give two fucks about naked women. Why should the straight men and the lesbians have all the fun?

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