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Oct. 10th, 2019

I did so much walking yesterday, I'm so tired. I had a great time with my friends last night at beer not god, now I'm sitting here having an Irish breakfast tea and resting.

Oct. 9th, 2019

My sister and her husband are going to go on vacation to Paris with my niece and her boyfriend, the lucky ducks!
Had a cupcake and a tea at my favorite cafe this morning, I've been knocking myself out doing all this exercising so I shouldn't have gained too much weight.
Had some Earl Grey tea. I'm so tired. I had to haul groceries around and it's hot here today, then I had to double back and get my $ back because I bought one small bottle of soda and they rang me up for a six pack, then I had to clean the bathroom and then I had to go on the exercise bike (I can't swim now because the pool is closed this time of year).
The Castro St. Fair was not as big as it used to be so I just got drunk and then went home.
Looking forward to going to the Castro St fair tomorrow!
Just finished off the last of the pumpkin spice tea, I ordered some more to replace it plus a bunch of others, caramel vanilla, Keemun, vanilla almond. ginseng peppermint and coconut Pu-erh.
Just sitting here having a glass of wine; I've been watching this documentary on Netflix about the Rajneesh debacle. Nobody comes off looking good in it IMHO, it's cultists vs. rednecks.
Roomie and I did the grocery shopping and they had us do exercises in weight loss class tonight. I'm not limber like those people at all. I felt like a fool, I almost fell down a couple of times.

here's an exchange from a conversation about that non gender specific Mattel doll

Bigoted jerk: Does it come with a detachable penis?
Me: Do you?
Roomie didn't feel like doing any grocery shopping today so I went out for lunch and a couple of drinkie poos at my favorite Irish pub. looking forward to Godless Perverts tonight.