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who knew a cute funny cartoon about a red panda who likes death metal would wind up fucking with my head about John Lennon because she winds up almost getting murdered by a crazy fan?
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They were selling Halloween/autumn decorations in the discount store earlier this morning and I saw a really weird looking one. It was a banner that had all these phrases on it that were associated with that time of year and one phrase that made no sense at all. "May Bides". What did that mean? May isn't even in the autumn unless you live in Australia or some other place in the southern hemisphere, which I don't. Can anyone explain this?
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People who have some sort of issue against GLBT people are not welcome here on my LJ. Neither are people who condescend to me.
That out of the way anybody who's a big Edgar Allan Poe fan like I am should google the drawing Macabre Mansion. It's amazing!
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Why do people have to act like dickheads? Why? This woman in the Safeway deli this morning was a total bitch to me for no reason.
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here's a meme:

3 things you’ve done today:
1. Mailed my telephone bill payment
2. Went to Trader Joe's
3. Checked some stuff with my bank

3 things you’ve purchased recently:
1. Tomatoes
2. Lox
3. Turmeric

3 things you’ve eaten today:
1. Half a jalapeno and cheese bagel
2. Chicken soup
3. almond coconut herb tea (I drank it, I didn't eat it, but that was all I've had so far today)

3 movies you enjoy:
1. Heavenly Creatures
2. Spinal Tap
3. Hedwig and the Angry Inch

3 songs you enjoy:
1. Who Are You by the Who
2. I Will by the Beatles
3. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp by Led Zeppelin

3 things you wish for:
1. for Covid to go the fuck away
2. for Trump to go the fuck away
3. a really great boyfriend

3 things you’re wearing:
1. a red sweater
2. a button with a picture of Hugh Laurie on it
3. a pendant of a metal dragon with its tail wrapped around an amethyst sphere

3 things on your mind:
1. "why the hell am I hungrier right after eating that soup than I was before I ate it??"
2. "god, I hope I don't get sick"
3. "I like reading the New Yorker but god, I wish they'd stop doing the damn fashion issue every year around this time. If I gave a shit about fashion I'd buy a fashion magazine."

3 of your favorite smells:
1. coconut
2. lemon
3. patchouli

3 words to describe how you feel now:
1. hungry
2. fidgety
3. lonely

3 things you like about yourself:
1. I'm nice
2. I'm smart
3. I'm funny

3 unpopular opinions you have:
1. I'm a Beatle fan who does not have an issue with Yoko
2. I'm an atheist
3. I'm not crazy about kids, all they seem to do is scream and cut in line in front of me, etc. two of my neighbors' kids called me a monster to my face.

3 things you enjoy doing:
1. Traveling
2. Reading
3. listening to music

3 things that you find attractive in a person:
1. Kindness
2. Intelligence
3. a good sense of humor

3 places you have traveled:
1. New Orleans
2. Hawaii
3. Mexico

3 of your favorite flowers or plants:
1. daffodils (they remind me of Hugh)
2. star lilies
3. hibiscus

3 facts about your current life:
1. I live in Oakland and have been living in Northern Calif. since 1980
2. I'm very extroverted and I think this has made the whole quarantine situation hit me and people like me really hard
3. I have a giant crush on Hugh Laurie

3 books you’ve read recently:
1. Cult Movies by Danny Peary
2. All About All About Eve by Sam Staggs (I'm a big film geek)
3. one of the Onion books

3 things you did this summer:
1. read
2. watched movies on TV or online
3. listened to music

3 games you enjoy - any type:
1. Trivia games of almost any kind
2. cards against humanity
3. games involving randomly picking music on iPods

3 facts about your appearance:
1. I wear glasses
2. I have slightly longer than shoulder length brown hair
3. I think I have a nice smile
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Got paid because it's the 1st, should be getting the other payment day after tomorrow. Took care of dropping off my rent and paying one utility bill. I would have paid the telephone bill but I used up my last check and last time I was in this situation and tried paying the telephone bill online it took THREE WEEKS to process! I thought the whole point of paying bills online was it was supposed to be faster? I'm not too worried about it, the guy who works at my bank who I talked to yesterday said my new checks should be coming in in a couple of days, I'll pay the bill then.
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I added a whole bunch of new peeps to my LJ friends list, usually when the friending frenzy things come up I only add a few but this time I added lots of them. I'm an extrovert and want lots of people to talk to, especially since I can't see my offline friends because of covid.
Anyway, welcome!
I had a really cool dream last night, I was on a cruise and swimming in the ship's pool and drinking a margarita and hanging out with Stephen Fry (and of course wondering where Hugh was, hehe).
Not much going on in my waking life, I had a cup of Yorkshire gold tea earlier this morning, did a little grocery shopping and called Netflix because some scammer pretending to be them claimed my account wasn't paid up (I knew it was, I took care of that two weeks ago!) and was trying to get my credit card number. I was all like, oh hell no, I'm not falling for this.
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here's a meme:

1. Do you put ketchup on your hot dogs. sometimes
2. Choice of soda? Coke zero
3. Do you own a gun? no
4. Can you swim? Yes
5. Hot dogs or hamburger? Hamburger
6. Favorite type of food? Chinese and chocolate
7. Do you believe in ghosts? no
8. What do you drink in the morning? tea
9. Can you do 100 push ups? I don't think so
10. Favorite time of year? Summer
11. Your favorite hobby? Reading, listening to music, watching movies and some TV shows
12. Tattoos? no
13. Do you wear glasses? Yes
14. Do you have a phobia? Clowns, power failures and I tend to get really bad claustrophobia in crawlspaces or anything similar
15. Do you have a nick name? Yes
16. Three favorite snacks? chocolate, nuts and cheese
17. Rain or snow? Rain.
18. Can you change a tire? no
19. Favorite flower? I have a bunch of different ones
20. Can you drive a stick? Yes
21. Ever gone skydiving? no
22. Kids? no
23. Favorite colour? purple
24. Are your parents still alive? yes, thank fuck, they pay my rent
25. Can you whistle? sort of
26. Favorite vacation? I've been on a bunch of different ones and most of them were great, don't really have one favorite
27. Any siblings? 1
28. Surgeries? Yes, I had my tubes tied, my appendix out, a tumor the size of a melon on my ovary and a hysterectomy because I had evil Cthulu periods
29. Shower or bath? Shower.
30. Last song you listened to? "More Than You Know" by Dave Brubeck
31. Broken bones? when I was 12 I got in a fight with another kid who smashed my finger and broke it
32. How many TVs in your house? 1
33. Worst Pain? either the ruptured appendix, the pain caused by the ovary tumor (thank fuck it was not cancer), the period cramps which were so bad I needed to walk with a cane at one point, see #28 or when I had a kidney stone
34. Do you like to sing? yes
35. Are your parents still alive? didn't this get asked in #24?
36. Last movie you watched? Beavis and Butthead Do America
37. What do you enjoy binge eating? I don't do that
38. Pumpkin or pecan pie? both
39. Someone who will play? I don't know
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