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Got another junk call from somebody who spoke very bad English and seemed to think my first name was "Girder". For those of you who don't know my first name it sounds nothing like Girder. You'd think these scammers could actually bother to hire people who can speak a bit more coherently.
Got my $$$, yay! Did a little grocery shopping, for some reason the grocery outlet was completely out of Coke zero, hope they have more by Friday when I'm supposed to do my main grocery shopping as well as get the damn battery changed in my garage door opener. Bizarrely enough, one of my neighbors said she wasn't sent over to the damn CVS or made to pay for it when she had it done (possibly because she owns a car and I don't?).
I hope that $$$ shows up in the mail tomorrow, I'm really broke and of course there's no mail today.
On a nicer note, J and his boyfriend came over last night to get some things and help me with some stuff and I enjoyed talking to them. I was expecting them but I thought they were going to call when they got here and it startled me because they just walked in without calling or knocking (J still had his old key) and I was watching It Follows and they walked in just as that THING showed up so I laughed my ass off.
Also went to my favorite cafe and had tea and a cookie. :)
I was considering getting high but I'm going to watch horror movies later and weed+horror movies is not a good mix for me, I get too paranoid.
The event in my neighborhood with the costumes and stuff was really fun but there were a few costumes I wanted to take pictures of but they moved too fast and drove me nuts. It's a shame because they were great, there was a really impressive looking unicorn and a great dinosaur and Sherlock Holmes. here are the ones I could get pictures of:

also, I was expecting to see this friend of mine there but he didn't show up; I found out later from this woman he works with that he's in New Orleans and hadn't told me. ???

Oct. 25th, 2019

No end of the month $$$ yet and I had to deal with another one of those CVS idiots. I had to go over there to buy stuff I need to wash my face and suck all the oil out and I asked this woman who works there where it was and she sends me to the wrong part of the store because she thought I was talking about medicine for constipation. And my bldg manager expects these people to change the battery in my garage door opener. I'm going to tell her about this when I get the chance.
Not much going on here now, I'm looking forward to the day after tomorrow. A big chunk of the street I live on gets closed off the Saturday before Halloween and a bunch of people wear costumes and give out candy at the local stores. It's a lot of fun and this year I want to take some pictures.

Oct. 23rd, 2019

I am so tired. I haven't been sleeping at all well for the past three days. Also, I apparently can't get my damn garage door opener fixed because it needs to have its battery replaced and I have to pay for it myself (I think the bldg should pay for it) and I don't get paid for over a week. Plus I have to go to CVS to do this for some reason and around here it's mostly absolute idiots who work over there.
Had some ginseng peppermint tea and went over to see J's new place (can't call him "roomie" anymore), had a really nice time. It was great and I'm really happy for him and his boyfriend.

Oct. 21st, 2019

The move last night didn't go as well as I thought. They were supposed to have a truck for him and they didn't, they used his boyfriend's brother's car which I've been told wasn't very big (I wasn't there so this is all second hand information) and they just suddenly stopped in the middle of moving his stuff in trips so a lot of his stuff is still here. Then he took off. I haven't heard from him since yesterday evening so I don't know if they made any plans to move the rest of the stuff later or what.

Oct. 20th, 2019

Roomie is packing his stuff to move, I would have preferred to go over to a friend's house in order to stay out of the way but my other friends are all busy. I'm happy for him moving in with his boyfriend. The weather is so nice today and I don't think anything is going to go wrong, also it'll be good to have more money (although I'm really broke right now and I don't get paid for almost two weeks).